All Inclusive Services For Your Peace Of Mind

From Initial Sourcing & Vetting to Final Production & Delivery - We Are There Each Step For You

Whatever product you require we will find the right supplier. We visit and interview all suppliers to verify their ability to deliver as expected in terms of finished product, price, ongoing improvements and warranty.

We find the right manufacturer for your needs. From small custom made parts to new factory line setups. We ensure all specifications and requirements can be met and delivered on time and according to spec.

Save costs by producing in Asia. We work with you to develop new product ranges and processes in an environment that meets international expectations. From concept design and technical drawings to final production and modifications.

We monitor the ongoing production to ensure suppliers have followed instructions and met your specifications before shipment as well as coordinate SGS or other third party inspections.

We work with you to ensure suppliers maintain the quality assurance with every order as well as any changes and additions. Your supply chain will remain the standards every time.

Found a supplier but not sure if they can deliver as promised? Let us check them out. We visit suppliers to check before you go ahead. Premises inspection, company verification and more to eliminate risk.

We co-ordinate both the flow of materials and parts within the country as well as the final international or domestic delivery. Every step is monitored and controlled to ensure problems are minimised.

From product certification and safety standard checks to registering on local country work tender platforms we can assist. We ensure the right paperwork is completed on your behalf.

We work in a number of different markets from Engineering and production to food and beverage supplies. Whatever you need let us assist.