KSS Group Thailand - Product Sourcing And Verification

KSS Group Co., Ltd is a Thai / UK join venture operating in Thailand for over 25 years which specialises in developing new business for our clients as well as KSS Group. We invest in local businesses as well as help to establish new business leads for clients. KSS is involved in a number of fields including, steel fabrication, manufacturing, construction, digital technology development, farming and general trading. 

When establishing new business we understand the problems you face when dealing with different cultures and languages, we work with our clients to source, design, control and deliver products and services direct from Thailand. 

KSS is a family business which also own and operate 3 factories in Bangkok producing a range of products from Roller Shutter Doors and Parts to Fiberglass Molds. When working with KSS you are choosing a company that provides great knowledge and guidance but also understands the practical side of operating production facilities in Thailand for over 25 years. 

The Management Team

Simon Fox

Managing Director
Simon has been based in Asia sincoe 1990 and has been involved in various business operations. He has a wealth of knowledge in manufacturing and business organisation

Kanjana Fox

Kanjana is a Thai National who works in many areas of the business. Her main role is ensuring both clients and suppliers understand the expectations of each other and the ability to deliver as promised. 

Justin Fox

Quality Control Manager
Justin in a Thai/UK National who specialises in the administration process and financial details. He works with companies to ensure specifications are correct and products meet the quality expected by all parties. 

Brandon Fox

Production Manager
Brandon is a Thai/UK National who specialises in the Design process. He has great knowledge of 3D design and programming and works with companies on the tooling and setup process. 

Steve Burke

Production Manager
Steve has been in Asia for many years and works on the production and inspection side of the business. Visiting sites and ensuring quality and timing is met as planned.


Office Manager
K Orm is responsible for the day to day running of the office and ensuring all administrative process are followed and correct. She also works on pricing and materials supply. 


Purchasing Manager
Mo is responsible for the main purchasing and costing of all items. She works on gathering all information relating to the production, materials, logistics and other expenses. 

KSS Group & Partners

KSS Group Co., Ltd is involved with a number of business ventures covering products from Steel and Machinery to Fiberglass, Medical Supplies, Digital Services and Manufacturing.

Modular and Container Home Construction

Steel Fabrication, Steel Suppliers & Roller Shutter Manufacturer

Fiberglass Swimming Pool Manufacturers

Medical Equipment Suppliers

Medical Gloves

Military Equipment Supplies

Educational VR Systems

Software & App Development & Digital Services

Air Purification System

Steel Suppliers and Roller Shutter Manufaturing

Anti Covid Booths

Fiberglass Production